Developer API

Integrate with Credit Card Terminal to allow your users to collect credit card payments from their customers within the flow of your mobile app. We have support for iPhone, iPad, Android, and Windows devices.

  • Your app calls Credit Card Terminal, supplying amount, invoice number, customer contact info, etc.
  • User enters the credit card info into Credit Card Terminal, then is returned to your app when processing is complete.
  • Your app can resume where the user left off and record the result of the transaction, including the card type and redacted card number.
  • You avoid collecting credit card information in your app, reducing your exposure to security and compliance issues.


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Windows Phone

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These steps and screenshots show a typical user experience when calling into Credit Card Terminal to accept credit card payments from your app. We’ll show our ChargeDemo project as the calling app.

Prior to the walkthrough, ChargeDemo and Credit Card Terminal have both been installed, and the gateway account settings have been configured in Credit Card Terminal.

Examine the ChargeDemo sample (iOS, Android, Windows, Windows Phone) and review the included Integration Checklist in the README to understand the code requirements.

  1. The ChargeDemo application shows one big “Charge” button. When you tap it, ChargeDemo creates and submits a ChargeRequest object.

  2. Credit Card Terminal launches and displays “ChargeDemo Transaction” at the top. The amount and other values are pre-filled from the request. You can then fill in the credit card number and expiration date manually or swipe using our credit card reader. Tapping on “Cancel” at anytime will return you to ChargeDemo.

  3. When the transaction is ready, all you have to do is tap “Charge”. The transaction will either be approved or declined. When declined, an error message will be provided.

  4. When Credit Card Terminal finishes, ChargeDemo will be provided a ChargeResponse object in order to determine if the charge was approved or if the transaction failed. If the charge was approved, the charge amount, card type, and last four digits of the card number are displayed. This is merely a trivial example. Your app should display UI appropriate to your application experience.