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We’re excited that people have been talking about Credit Card Terminal. Here are some places we’ve been mentioned.

GeekWire: As mobile payments spread, Avalara uses geolocation data to pinpoint tax boundaries

The Bainbridge Island company has partnered with Seattle’s Inner Fence — a maker of mobile payment applications — to bring the idea to market early next year.

— John Cook, GeekWire

GeekWire: Inner Fence debuts iPad credit-card reader, rivaling Square in mobile payments

GeekWire covers the launch of Credit Card Reader for iPad.

Digital Transactions: Unfazed by Latecomers Like Square And Intuit, Inner Fence Soldiers on

Digital Transactions magazine interviews Inner Fence co-founder, Derek Del Conte, for an upcoming story about mobile merchants.

TechFlash: Inner Fence takes on Square with new mobile Credit Card Reader

But [Square] is facing some new competition from scrappy Seattle startup Inner Fence, which today is launching a rival technology that allows merchants to quickly swipe credit cards from an iPhone.

— John Cook, Executive Editor, TechFlash

Authorize.Net: Video Case Study

Authorize.Net features Jeff LaPlante, a Seattle wedding photographer, in a video case study covering Credit Card Terminal for iPhone.

Time, The New York Times, et al: Full page Apple ad

Apple is running a full-page color advertisement for business-focused iPhone applications that features Credit Card Terminal in periodicals including Time, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Fortune, and The New Yorker.

PC World: New iPhone Ad Targets Small Business

Discussion of new “Office” iPhone TV commercial.

Apple: Office

Say you own a small business, and you need to ring up a customer’s order. Well, there’s an app for that.

— iPhone TV Commercial, 6 April 2009

TechFlash: Seattle iPhone app developers featured in latest ad from Apple

There’s cool stuff being developed here …

— John Cook, Executive Editor, TechFlash

Chris Pirillo: Mobile Credit Card Processing for the iPhone

If you’re a business owner who has an iPhone — you seriously need this App!

— Chris Pirillo, Geek

Practical eCommerce: Credit-Card Processing from an iPhone

Practical eCommerce has a podcast interview with our co-founder Derek Del Conte about why our iPhone Credit Card Terminal appeals to existing e-commerce merchants.

TechFlash: Two iPhone applications working together in perfect harmony

… one can imagine a number of other iPhone applications that would be well served if they were more closely tied together.

— John Cook, Executive Editor, TechFlash

CNET: First “Two-Way” iPhone Application Set Debuts

Developers continue to push the envelope on iPhone application development … implementing undocumented, pioneering functionality.

— CNET Staff

iPhone Matters: Your iPhone, Your Credit Card Terminal

… the iPhone just got real businessy.

— Chris Seibold,

TechFlash: Turn your iPhone into a credit card terminal with a $49.99 application

Amazing. Did Steve Jobs imagine the iPhone would be used for credit card transactions when he introduced the app store this summer?

— John Cook, Executive Editor, TechFlash

Twitter: @ravenme

This is the type of innovation that gets me excited about the platform.

— Raven Zachary,, via Twitter

StartupMeme: Inner Fence Launches Credit Card Terminal app for iPhone

Saad Ali Abbasi mentions Credit Card Terminal’s release. - Mobile Banking Roundup

[Credit Card Terminal] could speed up the lines at retail stores, farmers markets or crowded bars.

— Matt Kapko,

Techmeme (link)

Erica Sadun’s article was featured on Techmeme’s Top Items.

MacBlogz: Credit Card Terminal: Your iPhone Becomes A Checkout Stand

But a business owner … should find it well worth the time and money.

— Aviv, MacBlogz

Ars Technica: Accept Credit Card Payments From Your iPhone

I think that’s a pretty rocking cool idea, but this is not for the casual user.

— Erica Sadun, Ars Technica

Twitter: @timoreilly

Credit card terminal app for iPhone. Cool! (via @jesserobbins in email)

— Tim O’Reilly, O’Reilly Media, via Twitter

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