Installing an Ad Hoc Distribution

What is Ad Hoc Distribution?

Ad Hoc Distribution allows you to try an application before it’s available in the iTunes App Store. This is how we distribute iPhone applications to beta customers.

What You’ll Need

Before beginning the installation process you’ll need:

  • The .ipa file for the application (usually
  • The .mobileprovision file for the application (usually Ad_Hoc_Distribution_Profile.mobileprovision)
  • Your Device: the iPhone or iPod Touch whose UDID you emailed us previously (Remember?)
  • The computer you normally sync with your Device

We usually send the .ipa and .mobileprovision files to you via email.

Installing the Application - Windows XP

  1. If you have the .ipa and .mobileprovision files in an email, save them to a convenient location, such as your Desktop.
  2. Drag-and-drop the .ipa and .mobileprovision files onto LibraryApplications in iTunes. On the Mac, you can just drag them to the iTunes icon in your dock. screenshot
  3. Verify that the application shows up in LibraryApplications. Note that it will not have its normal icon. screenshot
  4. In iTunes, select your Device under Devices, choose the Application tab, and make sure that the new application is checked. screenshot
  5. Sync your Device and try out the new app!

If you run into any trouble installing an app, please email the application developer. Please don’t email us here at Inner Fence unless you’re having trouble with one of our apps (probably Credit Card Terminal).