The innerfence blog, by the Photosleeve guys

May 31st, 2008 by Derek & Ryan

Ok, so there’s the innerfence blog, the Photosleeve blog, and then the actual Photosleeve website. What’s the relationship?

Inner Fence is the company that develops and runs Photosleeve. The Photosleeve blog is for product-related announcements; things that users of Photosleeve might be interested in. This blog, the innerfence blog, is about our experiences starting up a consumer web site. Here we share business and engineering experiences with the startup and web development community at large — the kinds of details that our Photosleeve customers are unlikely to be interested in.

Some of the articles here will be very technical, and may include code. We’ve been somewhat frustrated with how other public forums “share” code, since the licensing tends to be very unclear. In contrast, we want to be absolutely clear that you are free to use our code.

We plan to share our experiences with front-end engineering, search engine optimization, modern Perl backend development with the Catalyst MVC framework, AJAX development using YUI, hosting using lighttpd and FastCGI, etc.

It’s just the two of us running around doing everything, so we try to keep things as simple as possible, even though we have our thumbs in a lot of different technology pies. Hopefully we’ll come up with a gold nugget or two that others will find useful.

Inner Fence is Derek Del Conte and Ryan D Johnson. We live in Seattle. If you must make a distinction, Derek is the “business guy” and Ryan is the “technical guy”, but we only get along because both of us are interested in both things.