Credit Card Terminal for iPhone

Merchants, charge credit cards from anywhere using your Authorize.Net® merchant account. Deal with declined cards on-site as services are rendered. No special hardware required, just your iPhone (or iPod Touch with the 2.0 firmware update).

Early Customer Slots Available

We’re waiting for Apple to publish Credit Card Terminal to the iTunes application store, but in the meantime we can distribute the application directly to a limited number of early customers, free of charge.

Email for details.


Credit Card Terminal is a simple iPhone application that merchants can use to charge credit cards. Using it is like doing “keyed entry” of a credit card on a normal point of sale terminal.

  • Simple entry of credit card number, expiration date, and transaction amount (US Dollars only)
  • Also supports card code, first name, last name, address, city, state, zip code, country
  • Supports Address Verification (AVS) and Card Code (CVV2)
  • Perform “Authorize and Capture” transactions to immediately charge the card
  • Charge cards over “WiFi” wireless internet or your carrier’s Edge/3G network
  • Secure transmission of credit card numbers (using SSL)
  • Generate reports using your Authorize.Net account
  • Secure storage of your Login ID and Transaction Key (using Apple Keychain)
  • Uses your existing Authorize.Net merchant account (or we can help you set one up)
  • No additional charges (regular per-month and per-transaction charges through Authorize.Net and your merchant account apply)

Authorize.Net Required

To process credit cards, you will need an Authorize.Net® payment gateway account and a merchant account. Authorize.Net is the most popular online credit card payment gateway. If you don’t already have an Authorize.Net account, please use the application below to sign up. Fill out Appendix A of the application if you already have a merchant account, or fill out Appendix B to apply for a merchant account through Authorize.Net.

At this time, you must apply for a “Card Not Present” account, because the iPhone hardware cannot support a magnetic card reader.

Click Here for the Authorize.Net Account Application
(instructions are on the first page)

If you have any questions about Authorize.Net, you may directly contact our account representative:

Authorize.Net Representative

John Haycock
(801) 492-6537

Please reference us: “Inner Fence, LLC”.

Device Requirements

Credit Card Terminal works on iPhone, iPhone 3G, and iPod Touch with the 2.0 firmware update.
Edge/3G connectivity requires iPhone and an internet plan through your mobile carrier (the standard AT&T plan works great). To be an Early Customer, you’ll need to sync your device using iTunes 7.7 or newer.


Credit Card Terminal will be available in the iTunes application store upon approval from Apple. The one-time installation charge is TBD. If you sign up for the Early Customer program, you can try Credit Card Terminal free of charge, but to get new features you’ll need to buy it through the iTunes store. We do not charge per-month or per-transaction, though your Authorize.Net and merchant accounts may have such charges.


Credit Card Terminal transmits credit card information directly to Authorize.Net (it does not go through us) using industry-standard SSL encryption. Credit card numbers are not stored on your device except for the few seconds necessary for processing the transaction. Your Authorize.Net login ID and transaction key are stored on your device using the Apple Keychain, which provides encryption and application isolation. We strongly recommend that you secure your iPhone by enabling Passcode Lock and Auto-Lock to prevent fraudulent transactions.

Feature Requests

What other features do you want? Different payment gateways? Please email us at


Have questions about Credit Card Terminal? Having problems? Interested in volume licensing? Want your salespeople to have credit card processing that goes through your merchant account? Want Authorize.Net payment integration in your iPhone line-of-business application? Please email us at