Ring It Up Point of Sale Uses Credit Card Terminal to Accept Payment

January 5th, 2009 by Derek

We’re excited to announce an important milestone for Credit Card Terminal. Ring It Up Point of Sale is our first partner in the app store. Since Ring It Up makes the job of tracking your sales a snap, and Credit Card Terminal lets you accept credit card payments, we thought it was only natural that our two apps should work well together.

You can now accept credit card payments using Credit Card Terminal directly from a Ring It Up sales ticket. The best part is that you aren’t stranded in Credit Card Terminal. Once the card is processed, you go right back to the correct sales ticket within Ring It Up.

As far we know, this is the first time two iPhone apps have implemented 2-way integration (as opposed to 1-way, where the user can’t return to the original app).

You’ll need Credit Card Terminal v2.2.3 and Ring It Up v1.4 to use this new feature. If you have earlier versions, head over to the app store to download the updates.

Once the two apps are configured, just tap Accept Credit Card Payment from a Ring It Up sales ticket. You’ll be taken right over to Credit Card Terminal — with most fields already filled in. Enter the credit card information and tap Charge. Then it’s just one tap back to Ring It Up, which marks the ticket as paid and records some of the credit card details.

If you’re a developer and would like to integrate with Credit Card Terminal, take a look at our App Developer Documentation. You’ll find technical documentation, a user experience walkthrough, and sample code.

Our next blog post will give a technical overview of how we implemented this 2-way integration. We hope to see more apps using this trick in the future, so that users can perform quick one-off actions in another program and then get right back to what they were doing.